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Kem Siddons

2018-11-24 13:53:00 | Profile
ask the sprite if the fiddle is seeing anyone (is a joke)

Sarah Mcdowell

2018-11-13 11:29:57 | Profile
The only talented one from the origianl Celtic Woman was the fiddle player, the rest of them all lipsycned most of the time because none of them could sing in harmony

San Paro Live!

2018-11-10 05:40:55 | Profile
This performers of women give me comfort and solace and delight , and heal my anxiety and sorrow , and melt my suffering and lamentation , and purifies my wavered mind .Celtic women are effulgent and almighty .

T Baybee

2018-11-04 01:30:12 | Profile
The only time in my life that I could not pick which woman was the most beautiful. Apples to oranges.......each one was strikingly beautiful in an entirely different way. Alex Sharps smile would knock any man dead.

sari Echelon

2018-10-28 04:55:37 | Profile
Does that dance while holding the dress have a name?

Алексей Вотяков

2018-10-27 12:26:20 | Profile
SWEDISH? Oh man are they the actual VASA?


2018-10-22 03:50:55 | Profile
Lynn looks very much in her element in this song

P. Hubi

2018-10-17 21:35:54 | Profile
This is modern Irish Gaelic, if I have my history of languages correct. Would love to hear the old or current lineup try a ballad in Old Irish, although they may have done this. (Old Irish is the earliest known form and is a thousand years older than the Irish in this song. Just think it might sound interesting.)


2018-09-28 15:03:48 | Profile
All the women onstage are so beautiful.