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L'Kala Davis

2019-06-16 08:41:00 | Profile
Blood Blood Blood! Religious People and Government has murdered my "Chief" The Son Of GOD has been murdered! WOE EYE 5

robykan sosa

2019-06-08 09:32:23 | Profile
This song always puts me in a good mood.

Clover Does Stuff

2018-11-14 11:19:56 | Profile
the beds are burning yeaa

Toni merguez

2018-10-31 07:29:41 | Profile
One of the worst songs ever made... like cats on a chalkboard listening to your awful voice... puke...


2018-10-30 13:31:44 | Profile
Midnight Oil, the Australian Rage Against the Machine.

Jessie Drury

2018-10-24 05:31:45 | Profile
Damn man!! People used to sing about real issues. Not just about how great they are and how many women they get.

KiLLiaN s

2018-10-22 00:42:33 | Profile
I remember a time when the older generation would scoff at the music of the youth and declare it as "loud and vulgar". Now the music of todays youth is hardly music at all. The age of the rock star is gone and thus the time of great bands is gone. There could never be another Beetles or Elvis in todays climate of social justice warriors, identity politics, leftist indoctrination and chsmpioning mediocrity.

Raja Arung

2018-10-13 12:23:57 | Profile
burn fools for your incompetent handling of the element of wood


2018-09-17 22:26:59 | Profile
Who else thought the girl in yellow was hot?